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Canadian legal information institute 
Find a person, an address, a business 
Gouvernement d'Ontario 
Gouvernement du Québec 
Inspecteur des Institutions Financières du Québec 
Lois au Québec et au Canada 
Supreme court of Canada 
THE COURTS of Québec 
United Nations 

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The Supreme Court of Canada confirm freedom of expression for every individual.
The nine judges of the Supreme Court of Canada are unanimous: " Consumers may share their concerns, worries or even anger with other consumers and try to warn them against the practices of a business. In this respect, simple means of expression such as posting signs or distributing pamphlets or leaflets or, these days, posting messages on the Internet are the optimum means of communication for discontented consumers. The media are still often beyond their reach because of the cost. 

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The Revolt of Victims: to know our rights and to have them respected

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